Saturday, October 10, 2015

My heart was already broken-
Shattered to pieces.
It's been sewn back together with the finest thread,
Unable to break again.
All that will happen is the thread comes undone
Letting the broken pieces cascade down to their dormant seats.
My heart was already broken
Which means, you cannot break me
Only untangle me.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The pain subsided.
The memories no longer invade like an unwavering assault on the mind.
The taste of your name is no longer sweet in my mouth,
But rather something foul that should not be spoken.
Hind sight was gained.
It made me see all the things that I had missed,
All the warning signs suggesting danger ahead,
All this pain could've been avoided if I paid closer attention,
If only I had read your actions over the words you spewed,
I could have started my life with my future wife sooner-
But, it had to happen like that.
It had to happen the way it did,
She and I weren't ready then,
She and I watched, learned, and grew together like and undeniable force-
All the while I still tried to make this work with you,
You are what had to destroy me to bring her to me.
The pain finally subsided-
The destruction caused was meant to happen,
So she and I could pave a path,
A path that has so much promise for a life of happiness.
Home is where you go to at the end of a long day.
Home is where you feel the safest.
Home is where you're free to share and express who you really are on the inside.
Home is where you find your sanity in this crazy world.
Home is where you bare your soul.
My home is not a house.
My house is just a shelter.
My home is a person.
A person that when I look at her, I feel like I'm home and that person is specifically for me.
A person who makes me feel so calm, happy and loved on a daily basis.
My home is in your arms.
My home is in your heart.
It is you-
You are my home.
Promises, promises-
We all make them.
We all mean them.
We all break them.