Thursday, October 16, 2014

No Longer Yours

I died-
When I saw you,
It was like an explosion of images.
There was nothing,
Not a glimmer-
Not a flash of light,
Not even a whisper of hope.
I was doomed from the beginning-
To hopelessly love you,
To devout myself to you foolishly,
Affectionately yours.
Oh, what a sweet torture this was,
How it must end,
Yet- I yearn for more
Not knowing that you are everything I need to avoid.
I died when I saw you-
For now I can stand on my own and finally say-
I am no longer yours.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Anger is a feral beast.
It dwells deep within,
Eating your soul.
Inch by inch.
You cry out-
But no one can hear,
For the monster
Resides within.      
Poluting all the goodness there once was.
Letting its venom consume your brain.
It's a weight that brings you down
Clouds the mind
Poisons the soul-
Dims your light.
Anger is a feral beast
And it's taking over
Staking its claim
Ridding you of who you once were.