Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday! 2/3/13

Hey, welcome back! Happy Superbowl Sunday! This week I'm not posting to Six Sentence Sunday; mainly because one it's now closed and two because I like posting longer excerpts. I must warn you all though. It's not dirty, but it's a steamier excerpt than what I normally post. It's from the short story I recently finished. I posted some of this last week, it's in no particular order. Just aspects that i found to be the most intriguing. Enjoy!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and the post! Any type of questions or comments or anything, feel free to comment I always comment back.

It recess time and just about every student except for a select few, Jacob included, left. She was now alone in the class room. She was relieved. She heard the door open then shut, and walked to where the desks were to see who was there. It was Tristan. “You look amazing.” He said to her. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” He admitted and actually looked embarrassed. Danielle was standing before him frozen then walked back to the corner by her desk.
            Tristan walked further into the room and looked at her. “Really?” She asked, slightly pacing. She looked up and saw him nod. “I can’t stop thinking about you, either.” She admitted. With that comment he walked up to her and grabbed her and began to kiss her with ignited passion. She welcomed his kiss. She wanted this and more importantly she craved and needed this. He lifted her up and she was actually grateful she decided to wear a dress.
            He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him and propped her up against the wall. Their unbridled passion was intoxicating. He pulled out his Swiss-army knife and cut off her panties. He didn’t want to let her go nor did she want him to. She knew she wanted him and she knew how completely and utterly wrong this was, but she didn’t care.
            She felt like she couldn’t stop herself from what was happening; it felt like it was out of her hands; which is a silly notion. He began kissing her neck and she groaned at his touch. In response to her groan, he leaned his hips tighter against her. She could feel his erection. The intensity between the two of them was strong and everything just seemed to be escalating higher and higher.
            He unzipped his pants and in one swift motion he was inside her. Their breathing slowed and they gazed into one another’s eyes as they moved together. All Danielle could think was how good this all felt, how right it all felt. Minutes together felt like hours. The build in her grew higher and higher until she could no longer muffle her screams. As she climaxed the bell rang. He fell into her and dropped his head to her shoulder. They both steadied their breathing and heard knocking.
            Tristan quickly zipped his pants and went to the class room door. He opened it and said allowed, “Thank you, Ms. Neil for respecting my privacy. I’ll make sure we work on those things at home.” He tried to play it off as a private meeting. A couple of the parents looked confused. Danielle’s guilt and infidelity was singing through her veins. She was so lost and confused, but it was fantastic at the same time. The rest of the evening with the remainder of the parents dragged on. She thoroughly went over the concerns with each of the parents.

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