Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13/13 Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Okay, so this is extremely late and I'm sorry about the late post. I worked early today and stayed much later than scheduled. Not complaining, I love to work. I have nothing new to report on my end; with going's on in my life. I try to keep personal personal, things like that. I did, however, just finish writing a short story for a close friend. It's really intriguing which started me thinking; I may write a few other short stories and try to put together a book of short stories. I think that will be fun to do. And there's a short scene I'd like to add to the one I just completed. It's different than the style I like to write in; which is sort of, dark, or tragic love, horror, thriller. Or at least I think, this one is very loving and passion filled. I like it.

But, this week is a again a continuation of the horror story. If you haven't been following I'll post the link to catch up. You may need to copy and paste. I'll also post a link to the site for the other six sentence posts, if you're interested in reading any others. For those who have been following, let's find out what Marvin's wife has to say about him loading the gun.

“Shadows? Babe, if she is seeing a shadow do you think shooting it will get you anywhere? It could be nothing; you know they said on TV the other day, that most kids before the age of seven see ghosts. Let’s not make this into something it’s not.” She tried to lie back down; despite the fact that she knew sleep was not going to come.  Marvin sighed deeply and grunted. “Ash, you didn’t see her face. She said he was a shadow, like a ginger bread man. She heard rattling in the kitchen and went looking for him. What if it’s dangerous? We need help. This is all I have to protect you girls. She could have gotten hurt roaming around in the middle of the night looking for a- a shadow.  I love you girls too much to let a shadow frighten my daughter.” Defeat took over his voice and he was exasperated. How could he help her, if she needs it? If it turns out to be an unfriendly ghost, how do you stop something you cannot see? For all he knows, she was sleep-walking. But, Marvin being a well prepared man, he had to plan for the worst. He had to ease his mind to know that no matter what happens; he will try to protect his family.

 Also, I don't count the dialogue as a sentence. That's why my  posts are a little longer. Hope you enjoyed the excerpt! Feel free to write comments, make suggestions or just say hey; I always reply back! Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

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