Monday, November 4, 2013


You sit in your dungeon-
As if it's a throne.
While we all slave away.

Half Empty Glass

You're told to stand tall and keep fighting.
You're told to stay strong.
You're told everything will be okay.
But what do you do when there is no fight left?
What do you do when you feel powerless and weak?
What do you do when nothing feels okay?


Is it real- the feelings,
Everyday they linger about,
Like the sweet torment it is,
You're vigilant,
I'm not-
I flooded the gates and tore every wall down.
I'm left trying to rebuild-
To be vigilant.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Inner Turmoil

Her thoughts are deep,
Her pain is real,
Her inner wounds cry out for non-existent impending doom.
She must heal-
But this temple is resistant to natural remedies and rebels at every turn.
To take a blade- and end it,
Or a pistol, or any other means?
The notion lingers but the act is wrong.
She finds comfort in it but can't escape how incredibly selfish it is.
She is forever burdened with the sadness that is her life.
She will forever be trapped in her mortal temple- suffering internally,
Where no one will ever know the pain she must hide away.

Monday, February 25, 2013


I sit in the darkness,
Paralyzed with fear-
Not knowing whether I sleep alone.
My skin is scorching,
My blood is boiling,
I hold my breath-
Panicking, sweating, I do not move.
Using whatever energy I have,
I try to find courage to sit up.
To sit up and find that I am utterly alone.
Quickly, my blood cools, my skin finds a breeze, I breathe.
I get up and leave my chambers;
For when I return I go stiff-
My fears are confirmed-
I am not alone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Impenetrable Soul

I look outside-
I see the light.
I step outside-
I feel the warmth.
Though the warmth does not penetrate,
Through the ice that has formed inside.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I could walk straight ahead and be surrounded by light.
I started walking but I stopped.
Alone and scared in the tunnel;
Succumbed by its darkness, I hovel in the corner;
Knees up, face buried- I think.
I peek up and yearn to be at the end of the tunnel.
What's holding me back?
I stand up and try to stride on.
Fists balled at my sides, I stare.
I walk forward, then backwards, then forward again.
I freeze- looking at the orb of light that I want to surround me.
I stand there and look on- yearning.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey. so this is a new poem. It came to me the other night. I don't know if it's any good but I hope you enjoy it.


A distant thought that forever lurks-
In the bleakness of our past,
You're a winter's day;
A dreadful wind that has me shuddering,
A winter's day that promises no warmth.
But at the possibility of talking to you-
My heart finds the summer,
My body finds the fall,
and my mind finds the bitter, bitter cold.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday! 2/3/13

Hey, welcome back! Happy Superbowl Sunday! This week I'm not posting to Six Sentence Sunday; mainly because one it's now closed and two because I like posting longer excerpts. I must warn you all though. It's not dirty, but it's a steamier excerpt than what I normally post. It's from the short story I recently finished. I posted some of this last week, it's in no particular order. Just aspects that i found to be the most intriguing. Enjoy!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and the post! Any type of questions or comments or anything, feel free to comment I always comment back.

It recess time and just about every student except for a select few, Jacob included, left. She was now alone in the class room. She was relieved. She heard the door open then shut, and walked to where the desks were to see who was there. It was Tristan. “You look amazing.” He said to her. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” He admitted and actually looked embarrassed. Danielle was standing before him frozen then walked back to the corner by her desk.
            Tristan walked further into the room and looked at her. “Really?” She asked, slightly pacing. She looked up and saw him nod. “I can’t stop thinking about you, either.” She admitted. With that comment he walked up to her and grabbed her and began to kiss her with ignited passion. She welcomed his kiss. She wanted this and more importantly she craved and needed this. He lifted her up and she was actually grateful she decided to wear a dress.
            He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him and propped her up against the wall. Their unbridled passion was intoxicating. He pulled out his Swiss-army knife and cut off her panties. He didn’t want to let her go nor did she want him to. She knew she wanted him and she knew how completely and utterly wrong this was, but she didn’t care.
            She felt like she couldn’t stop herself from what was happening; it felt like it was out of her hands; which is a silly notion. He began kissing her neck and she groaned at his touch. In response to her groan, he leaned his hips tighter against her. She could feel his erection. The intensity between the two of them was strong and everything just seemed to be escalating higher and higher.
            He unzipped his pants and in one swift motion he was inside her. Their breathing slowed and they gazed into one another’s eyes as they moved together. All Danielle could think was how good this all felt, how right it all felt. Minutes together felt like hours. The build in her grew higher and higher until she could no longer muffle her screams. As she climaxed the bell rang. He fell into her and dropped his head to her shoulder. They both steadied their breathing and heard knocking.
            Tristan quickly zipped his pants and went to the class room door. He opened it and said allowed, “Thank you, Ms. Neil for respecting my privacy. I’ll make sure we work on those things at home.” He tried to play it off as a private meeting. A couple of the parents looked confused. Danielle’s guilt and infidelity was singing through her veins. She was so lost and confused, but it was fantastic at the same time. The rest of the evening with the remainder of the parents dragged on. She thoroughly went over the concerns with each of the parents.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1/27/13 Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone! Welcome back! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in about two weeks.

Hope everyone is doing well. I worked today so I'm posting about three quarters of a day late. I start classes this week and I think I've decided what to do as far as majors go. I'm keeping my English writing major and switching my Psychology minor to a double major. It's just four or five extra classes instead of taking on a completely new major and adding eight or nine additional classes. So, with that I figure I could just end up getting a license to be a licensed clinical therapist and I can write on the side. I'm happy with that. =)

So, I think for this week I'm just going to post something new and then next week continue on with the story. I think I'm going to post from the short story I wrote for my best friend. I liked it, it was fun to write. Hopefully, you all enjoy it.

This excerpt is taken out of context and may confuse people only because they don't have a full understanding of the situation. Ms. Neil (Danielle) is engaged to her long time boyfriend Ben. She happens to meet a man who she can't seem to resist and they end up making out in her classroom while the kids are in recess. Afterwards she is feeling an overwhelming amount of guilt.

The bell rang and she heard shouts. She shoved him away from her; he felt like a rock. She fixed her hair and the kids came running in. She smiled at them and told them to collect their belongings so they could greet their parents. Jacob came running in and  up to his dad with a grin that spread from ear to ear.  Danielle really tried to ignore the perfect specimen that she was just practically fornicating with, in a classroom where she taught, but she could not ignore him. She became illogical with him and she was beginning to feel the guilt. Poor, Ben. How could I do that to him? What am I going to do? Nothing. It won’t happen again. It can’t happen again. I refuse to let it happen again. Internally berating herself did not seem to help. She was placing her books inside her bags and glanced up at him. I’m in a whole world of trouble now. She knew from the second she saw him that she was in trouble. She told the class to stand in a straight line and they all walked out together. Tristan following closely behind holding little Jacob in his arms. He was parked right out front, he put Jacob in the back seat and made sure he was safely fastened in. Danielle was saying goodbye to the last of her students when she saw Tristan standing there. She just stood there fumbling with her keys, unknowing of what to say to him.
“Um, that can’t happen again. It was very inappropriate behavior on my part. I apologize to you.” She stood firmly and spoke sternly; she wanted to be taken seriously. This made Tristan laugh.
“Right. No need to apologize, I know you enjoyed yourself just as much I did and I had something to show for it. Good thing it went away at the sound of the screeching children. Have a good day, Ms. Neil. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Danielle stood there gaping and immediately saw the obnoxiousness Ms. Klein had mentioned. Thank heavens Jacob was in the car and the front of the school cleared quickly. That was inappropriate and shocking. But, she had to admit, the promise of seeing him tomorrow excited her. He stepped into his vehicle, he said something to Jacob who looked out of the window and smiled and waved as did Tristan, and with that he drove away.

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys enjoyed the snippet! It's a lot longer than six sentences but I loved this part too much to cut it. If you want to read more of this story next week, comment below otherwise I'll just continue with the horror story; I'll always comment back. Have a happy and safe Sunday, everyone! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13/13 Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Okay, so this is extremely late and I'm sorry about the late post. I worked early today and stayed much later than scheduled. Not complaining, I love to work. I have nothing new to report on my end; with going's on in my life. I try to keep personal personal, things like that. I did, however, just finish writing a short story for a close friend. It's really intriguing which started me thinking; I may write a few other short stories and try to put together a book of short stories. I think that will be fun to do. And there's a short scene I'd like to add to the one I just completed. It's different than the style I like to write in; which is sort of, dark, or tragic love, horror, thriller. Or at least I think, this one is very loving and passion filled. I like it.

But, this week is a again a continuation of the horror story. If you haven't been following I'll post the link to catch up. You may need to copy and paste. I'll also post a link to the site for the other six sentence posts, if you're interested in reading any others. For those who have been following, let's find out what Marvin's wife has to say about him loading the gun.

“Shadows? Babe, if she is seeing a shadow do you think shooting it will get you anywhere? It could be nothing; you know they said on TV the other day, that most kids before the age of seven see ghosts. Let’s not make this into something it’s not.” She tried to lie back down; despite the fact that she knew sleep was not going to come.  Marvin sighed deeply and grunted. “Ash, you didn’t see her face. She said he was a shadow, like a ginger bread man. She heard rattling in the kitchen and went looking for him. What if it’s dangerous? We need help. This is all I have to protect you girls. She could have gotten hurt roaming around in the middle of the night looking for a- a shadow.  I love you girls too much to let a shadow frighten my daughter.” Defeat took over his voice and he was exasperated. How could he help her, if she needs it? If it turns out to be an unfriendly ghost, how do you stop something you cannot see? For all he knows, she was sleep-walking. But, Marvin being a well prepared man, he had to plan for the worst. He had to ease his mind to know that no matter what happens; he will try to protect his family.

 Also, I don't count the dialogue as a sentence. That's why my  posts are a little longer. Hope you enjoyed the excerpt! Feel free to write comments, make suggestions or just say hey; I always reply back! Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

1/6/13 Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday! Happy New Year, I hope everyone is well!

       This new years was fun for us, my sisters boyfriend, my brother's girlfriend, my friend and I drank wine and then did some shots together. We had a blast cracking jokes while everyone else just looked at us. We called ourselves the fun group, which we were. It wasn't sloppy drinking like most people imagine, first off everyone slept over, no one over drank, and we were all in my house, a safe environment. It was a good time. How was yours?

        Lately, I've been seriously debating transferring schools; but I do not know which one I would go to. They all seem like such fine institutions,  I just know I am not happy with mine and I literally hate it and despise it. To me they get paid to not answer us or be helpful in any sort of way. Then again, that is my fault for going to a community college close to my house. I'll find a good one, hopefully sooner rather than later.

       Also, with the new year comes resolutions. Did anyone make any? I didn't, I stopped. However, I do make time for self reflection and look for ways to better myself as a person. I do this often, everyone knows how they want to be perceived in this world and how they want to be in general, the only to get there, in my opinion, is through self reflection and change. Well, you have to be willing to accept the change or you won't get too far.

     Now onto my six sentence, I hope everyone is eager to learn what's in the safety deposit box? The story in this first chapter is about to rapidly speed up. I hope everyone is on the edges of their seats! I'm excited, who's excited? Here we go:

 She sat up in the bed clearly unhappy. After rubbing her eyes, she began to take in the situation. She looked at the box and began to panic. He was turning the key and opened it, “What are you doing, Marvin?” Panic shrieked in her voice.
“Amelia is seeing shadows. But, in-case it’s more than a shadow I want to be prepared.” He pulled out the black gun and held it in his hand. Then he pulled out the box of bullets and began to load the weapon. His wife’s eyes grew in fear. He swore to her he’d never need it and now he’s loading it in front of her.
        Wish, I could give you more. It gets better. What do you guys think so far? Any idea of what little Amelia may be seeing? Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, anything you'd like. Have a Happy Sunday.

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