Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

Hello, welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday! Who's excited? 

Every time I do a post for Six Sentence Sunday I feel as though I am hosting an event. lol I'm not sure why? Welcome back. I hope everyone is enjoying the story- I will attempt to post the links to where I started so if anyone is new and wants to catch up, they can by clicking the link.

As you know I am writing a book; it's what I've been posting. But I also just started a new one that I solely focus on that one. I have a habit of focusing on many things at one time which produces a thought frenzy in my brain. People say that that's good since I need to think in order to write, however, I need to think creatively and not frantically lol. 

This novel that I am posting now is intended to be a horror fiction novel. The new one is more science fiction. I get overly excited about new ideas! There's nothing I'd rather do. I put it in terms like this- as a writer: I get to be the creator and destroyer. I get to make all the rules and break them. I get to play with all the laws of physics and break all the norms of reality. It's pure creation and imagination. I am an artist. That's how I view writing a novel. I find it to be quite relaxing and entertaining. I just hope everyone enjoys what I write, which if you do- that's an added bonus to this! 

Here is another continuation to my novel- please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or just a hey if you want to say hey, or if you have any questions- feel free to ask. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

            After maybe fifteen minutes of her searching someone walked into the kitchen. She turned around and saw her father leaning on the door panel with his arms crossed. “Amelia, it is three-forty five in the morning. What are you doing?” He was tired and a bit surprised to see his six year old daughter rummaging through kitchen cabinets so late into the night. She just looked at her father guiltily and brushed her hair out of her face; revealing her bright blue eyes filled with apathy. “Okay, let’s get you back into bed.” He held out his hand and she quickly grabbed it. He walked her down the hall and made a right into her room

Come back next week to find out what happens next! It gets better and should have you wanting to know more! Thank you for stopping by and reading! Have a blessed day! =)  
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  1. Great six! I like the line about her brushing the hair away from her face. My 3 year old daughter does this all the time when she is in trouble! (And she seems to be in trouble all of the time)

    1. Thank You!!! Glad you're enjoying this! lol I try to add tons of realism to the characters to make them more like (real) people; hoping it will draw people in and they'll get enveloped in the story.. lol Awww, I used to be in trouble all the time. I broke everything- all the time. lol she's still young, she'll grow out of it lol