Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/16/12 Six Sentence Sunday

Good evening, sorry for the lateness in my post. I filled in at work today for someone. Let me tell you, folding shirts for hours isn't too fun. Please if you go to a store at least try to fold it and not crumbled the shirts into a ball. lol Anyway, this weeks posts is a continuation of the same story. This week you find out a little more of what Marvin may think he dealing with. It's intriguing and will get more and more chilling, then it'll warm up for a while before we're back to chilling. lol

I have also been busy with papers for class, as it's the end of the semester. I don't normally post this late into the evening. I hope you are all enjoying the story. For anyone looking to catch up I will post the links for you to copy and paste.

He smiled at her description with a light chuckle. The image of a ginger bread cookie quickly made an appearance in his mind. He tried picturing this in his head; he knew this wasn’t an imaginary friend because she did not have a name or a proper description. Isn’t that the key with imaginary friends; you make up what you want in a friend? But this, this is completely new territory. Maybe it’s because the world has become quite paranormal but he started to panic in his mind and didn’t know what to do or how to respond.

What do you guys think it is? A ghost? A demon? Her mind playing tricks on her? Or simply and imaginary friend, she is six? Feel free to leave comments, or suggestions - I always reply back. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and the rest of the week!

Here are the first four posts to this book in chronological order if you want to catch up:

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  1. Definitely NOT an imaginary friend. Great six! Happy Yule! And Happy Holidays!

    1. lol Thank you! Happy Yule and Happy Holiday's to you as well =)