Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!!

Welcome back, it's once again another Sunday!! Last week I was unable to sign up or post- due to Sandy... Everything is alright, we were very lucky, considering. 

This excerpt is a continuation of the novel I am currently working on. Again, I will keep saying it, it's still being written and is far from finished- or edited.. Feel free to leave comments and make suggestions. They're more than welcomed, and I'll do my best to reply and comment on others' six sentence posts. If anyone needs to catch up on excerpts, they should be posted under my October tab. I hope you all are enjoying the posts. I may change things up next week and post from a short novella I am also writing; or I may revert back to the beginning of this novel (from the current post) to more chilling scenes. =) Enjoy!

Derek laid there with Chasidy nuzzled up beside him. He smiled down at her; his heart swelled and couldn’t help but be anything other than elatedly happy. He glanced over at the clock. His eyes popped open a bit surprised to see how quickly time has really passed. Time has no meaning with Chasidy. He slid out of bed and slid into his pants. He walked out of his bedroom and walked into the kitchen.

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  1. Great six! Hope you post a beginning scene, would love to read it!
    I will read your non-SSS posts soon and comment.

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, I decided to just go all the way back and kind of make it like a ride along with the writing. It's from the first words and then I'll post every week taking everyone through the novel. It's exciting! I hope you enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts!