Saturday, November 17, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!!

Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday!!

This week I have a special idea, which was hard for me to come to terms with. Let me explain: For some reason, I have always had a hard time sharing my writing- for fear someone will steal it or take an idea derived from my idea and sell it. I don't know why, but always have; it's slightly nuts. Anyway, I'm getting over that. I figured the only way for people to read my works is to get myself out there which is what I'm currently trying to do. Anyway, this idea is to take you guys to the beginning of the novel I have been sharing excerpts from; the one with Chasidy and Derek, it's still untitled.

Okay, so to further expand on this idea- I want basically invite you all to read this work of fiction, horror, as I write it, or up to what I can share. Bare in mind, there will be mistakes in the excerpts- it is unedited; merely written to just get the words out, for now and they will most likely be really silly mistakes too. I will edit it later on when it's completed. I intend to, hopefully, have this self published by the end of the summer, which I will surely update you all on. Exciting!

Enjoy my posts and feel free comment, make suggestions, or just say hey! Have a Happy Sunday!

  Walking down the hall little Amelia was searching. It was way passed her bedtime and she knew she wasn’t allowed to be snooping around; especially, this late into the night. She was careful to tiptoe passed her parents’ room adjacent to hers. She brushed her long blonde hair out of her face. A noise. She froze in the hall, standing ever so still. Not breathing, waiting to hear the noise again she squeezed the old brown bunny in her arms tight. Its long ears touching her arms. His name was Floppy, because of his long floppy ears; at least that was her reasoning.

This is only the beginning, it's not much but things will change pretty soon, quickly in my opinion.. Come next week to see how the story will progress; and if you'd like, I can post a little more than six sentences, just let me know. =)

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  1. This is a great six and a great beginning! Totally want to read more!

    1. Thank you!! Yay! I posted the continuation to it for this week.. I forgot it was sunday, smh..