Monday, November 12, 2012

Excerpt from the Horror Novel

I decided to post this, the six sentence sunday's posts with Chasidy and Derek; their lovey dovey-ness won't last, being it's a horror novel. So, spoiler alert I guess. This excerpt is from the beginning of the novel or preface, if you will. Look next sunday and I'll post the part where they found her with her arm cut. I will re-iterate myself again, I am currently writing this. It needs to be finished, then edited. It's a long way from done. I'm sure by the time it's all said and done things will be tweaked and different from what I've posted.. So you're basically along for the ride as i write.. I enjoy writing and I hope you are all enjoying my posts of my writing.. This novel is currently untitled- so for now, it's the horror novel. Enjoy! Feel free to comment, make suggestions, ask questions. I don't mind. =)

“Amelia, listen to mommy. Look at me.” She was stern in her speech, Amelia looked up at her and her daughter’s eyes were vacant. It was as if they weren’t her eyes. They weren’t  brilliantly blue anymore, they were dark. They were evil. Her little girl was being claimed by the shadow and it was happening before her eyes. “He is going to ask you to hurt yourself again. He’s going to make it sound like a good idea. Like flying off of a roof or swimming with dolphins. But, listen to mommy. We are humans, people, we cannot fly, and those dolphins are sharks or scary waves. They will kill you. Anything he tries to ask you to do, say ‘NO’. Okay, for mommy and daddy say no. And for your baby sister.” Amelia looked at her and cocked her head, her expression was complex; like she understood but something was confusing her.
“Mommy, I already said yes.” Her eyes trailed to her arm. The doctor went to leave the room to call the psych specialist back but the door slammed shut. Marvin stood up from the bed to take in what just happened. The door slammed but the doctor never left. Ashlee held eye contact with Amelia. She let out a scream and her face contorted like the little girl from years ago. The lights went out and everyone was screaming.

“Ashlee!” Marvin yelled.
“Marv, over here!” Ashlee yelled back. “Are you okay?”
“I’m sitting in something warm. Can you see anything?” He asked.
“No, but I smell- I smell. Metal. Is that right?” She asked. She sat still sniffing the smell more closely. The smell finally registered with Ashlee and she went still. She sat there stiff for a moment then it clicked. Blood. It was blood. “Marvin! It’s blood! Amelia! Amelia! Marv, what’s going on?” There was another horrific, monstrous scream and the lights flickered on and the scene before them was horrendous.
            Dr. Feeroes throat was ripped out and Amelia had blood all around her mouth.  She was standing over him as he lay limp under her; bleeding out. That was no longer their little girl. She screamed again and louder this time making the shadowed features of her eyes and mouth darker and more pronounced. Marvin and Ashlee embraced each other in one another’s arms. As she screamed; she pulled Marvin’s gun out her mouth. It just appeared out of no where. Marvin saw the gun and thought back to the morning hours when he saw his daughter. Was the gun there on the bed? He couldn’t remember. When he ran back to retrieve the keys, he grazed the bed. No, the gun was gone. His eyes filled with anguish and horror. He looked at his daughter. “Amelia, we love you.” She cocked her head to the right as if taking in what he was saying. Then she let out a loud growl. The lights went out again; then two shots were fired.

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