Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome it's Six Sentence Sunday!!

Welcome to my page for Six Sentence Sunday! This excerpt that I've chosen, I've recently written in my new novel that is still nameless and not nearly finished. Feel free to comment on my page. I'll comment on yours. Enjoy my writing! =) 

Derek pulled her closer to him. Tighter he held her as they began to fill their carnal need for one another. His hands rubbing all over her; down either side of her face to her shoulders, arms, hips taking in the feel of her smooth, smooth skin; her soft, silk-like skin.  When he reached her back side he grasped it firmly and lifted her so she could wrap her legs around his waist. She did just that sensing his intentions. As they continued to let the fire between one another to slowly ignite, they stumbled, clumsily to his bedroom.

 Next week I will post the continuation, and keep everyone updated with my progress as I move forward. Bare in mind, I am a student with a butt ton of reading every week for English; forget the other classes, my major is going to make sure I am very well read. Let me know what you guys think as the story progresses. This is an intriguing one. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment and I will comment on your six's as well..

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  1. Nice six!
    Here's a challenge I've found helpful. Replace adverbs (slowly & clumsily) with analogies. It's fun and can result in some very interesting passages!

  2. Very Interesting! I will try this! =) thanks !

  3. Great six! Can't wait to read more! I like things that get steamy as if you didn't know :)

    1. Thanks!! ahahah yeah! and believe it or not, this is a horror story.. So yay! I think this one should keep people interested!