Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Excerpt from 'Bittersweet Moments'

The main #character is Annie Lafuse. She is a seventeen year old girl; however, this #excerpt does not indicate what the #book is about. It's about her journey through a life event; her mother being murdered on her eighteenth birthday.This was included to show what she was like as a young teen and how she's grown mentally over the years. By, doing this, I added a back #story to how some, if not all, depressed teens tend to feel; and how some act on it and how they better from it (like Annie). Sounds like nonsense, but it's not.. #Enjoy her self analyzed view of her life experience; obviously written by me.. lol =) I'm also currently #editing this #work, and hoping to have it #published.There is also a possible title change in the works. It's under deliberation.

I knew she would never understand what it’s like to be that depressed. Especially at fifteen, it’s such an emotional and dramatic age. I thought much differently then, than I do now. Now when I look back at that day I just see how stupid of a decision that was, and yes, I am ashamed. The first time I did cut myself it was such a rush, but it relieved my pain. All I could think about was how I couldn’t wait to come home and walk through that front door. I would march right up those stairs and head straight for the bathroom. I would lock the door and sit on the floor and cry and cry until I was so upset I ransacked the draws. There it was, small and sharp. I took the razor from the draw and looked at it. I was overwhelmed with tears. I looked at the razor then I looked at the reflection in the mirror. I hated that person staring back. It was at that very moment I realized I was bleeding. I felt all the anxiety and tormented feelings melt away. I craved that rush of adrenaline, that momentarily serene moment. I sat there on the floor with a towel over the cut to stop the bleeding. The inner turmoil I face every day because of my juvenile decision is unbearable. I’ve never told anyone and neither have my parents.
            They found me a month later on the bathroom floor bleeding to death. My dad came home just in time. I’ll never forget that day. It’s the day I grew up. From the moment I collapsed to the moment I woke up in the hospital I knew that I have caused more problems for myself than I had before. I could never actually tell anyone these feelings. I’ll only get those ‘What are you a psycho?’ looks from people. I love my mom; she never gave me a look like that. She only tried to help me. That’s when Dr. McCormey came into my life.


  1. Wow, a really well-written piece. Glad it's written in the first-person, makes it far more intimate and personal that way.

    1. Thank you!! The whole book is in first person.. It was actually pretty difficult to write (in my opinion). I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! ( I posted the comment instead of reply.. oops... sorry it took so long to get back)

    2. Thank you!!! I'm terrible at trying to figure out the blog. Thank you a million years later for the compliments! I really hope you enjoyed the piece =) I'm so sorry for such a late response, I don't think you received my other one