Saturday, October 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!!!

Welcome, it's Six Sentence Sunday!! This weeks excerpt is a continuation of the novel I'm writing. If you missed any, they're all here posted on my page. Again, these all started mid chapter two, but I think you'll enjoy them. I have to take a moment to apologize, I posted late last Sunday. I completely forgot it was a Sunday. I'll try to not make that happen again. Too much going on. Anyway, enjoy the excerpt. Comments are always welcomed and I will certainly make an effort to comment on others six sentence posts =)

 Chasidy let her hands explore over his back. At the end of the seam of his shirt she grasped it and pulled it over his head. He smiled down at her and pulled her shirt over her head. He kissed above each one of her breasts. Everything was happening so quickly. Neither of them cared, they wanted this. They wanted this closeness. They let themselves unfold into one another for a night of burning passion.

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Within Me

Purple clouds with yellow skies.
Pink waters with high blue trees.
Head full of thoughts,
Actions filled with mistakes.
Worlds apart-
Worlds collide and created.
Thoughts turned to imagination,
Imagination turned to thoughts.
Memories vividly bleed together to form one.
Feelings begin to tear at the seams.
Emotions run high.
Nerves stay strong.
Love turns to hate.
Light turns to darkness.
So, I sit here and try,
Try to collect the pieces and hold them together.
I sit here and create,
Worlds full of
Purple clouds and yellow skies,
With pink waters and high blue trees,
And mask all of the pain
That I see within me.
That I see within me, today.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!!!

Welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday!! This weeks excerpt is a continuation from last week's. These excerpts were actually pulled from the middle of chapter two. I hope you enjoy it.. It is a bit longer than Six Sentences, I was going to cut it off at six sentences, but I thought that it would be weird and mean to cut the paragraph. Anyway, I'm continuing to write this so every week I can keep this going with the same story. I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back to read more.

 Stumbling into the door, it was shut. He pressed her against the door, for support. They broke from their ablaze passion for a moment catching their breath. He turned the knob and the door swung open. Still holding her, they gazed into one another's eyes. Chasidy’s breathing slowed as did Derek’s. She let her lips curl into a smile. Now, at the foot of the bed he let her fall backward onto the gray bed spread. He crawled on the bed and was above her. She reached up and planted a firm kiss on his lips, not wanting the space. He lowered himself to her. She could feel his growing excitement against her body.
Keep in mind, at the moment it's being written, it's not done nor has it been edited yet. Please feel free to leave a comment, they're always welcome. =) Have a fabulous day and for more six sentence entries you can go to this link:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Excerpt from 'Bittersweet Moments'

The main #character is Annie Lafuse. She is a seventeen year old girl; however, this #excerpt does not indicate what the #book is about. It's about her journey through a life event; her mother being murdered on her eighteenth birthday.This was included to show what she was like as a young teen and how she's grown mentally over the years. By, doing this, I added a back #story to how some, if not all, depressed teens tend to feel; and how some act on it and how they better from it (like Annie). Sounds like nonsense, but it's not.. #Enjoy her self analyzed view of her life experience; obviously written by me.. lol =) I'm also currently #editing this #work, and hoping to have it #published.There is also a possible title change in the works. It's under deliberation.

I knew she would never understand what it’s like to be that depressed. Especially at fifteen, it’s such an emotional and dramatic age. I thought much differently then, than I do now. Now when I look back at that day I just see how stupid of a decision that was, and yes, I am ashamed. The first time I did cut myself it was such a rush, but it relieved my pain. All I could think about was how I couldn’t wait to come home and walk through that front door. I would march right up those stairs and head straight for the bathroom. I would lock the door and sit on the floor and cry and cry until I was so upset I ransacked the draws. There it was, small and sharp. I took the razor from the draw and looked at it. I was overwhelmed with tears. I looked at the razor then I looked at the reflection in the mirror. I hated that person staring back. It was at that very moment I realized I was bleeding. I felt all the anxiety and tormented feelings melt away. I craved that rush of adrenaline, that momentarily serene moment. I sat there on the floor with a towel over the cut to stop the bleeding. The inner turmoil I face every day because of my juvenile decision is unbearable. I’ve never told anyone and neither have my parents.
            They found me a month later on the bathroom floor bleeding to death. My dad came home just in time. I’ll never forget that day. It’s the day I grew up. From the moment I collapsed to the moment I woke up in the hospital I knew that I have caused more problems for myself than I had before. I could never actually tell anyone these feelings. I’ll only get those ‘What are you a psycho?’ looks from people. I love my mom; she never gave me a look like that. She only tried to help me. That’s when Dr. McCormey came into my life.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome it's Six Sentence Sunday!!

Welcome to my page for Six Sentence Sunday! This excerpt that I've chosen, I've recently written in my new novel that is still nameless and not nearly finished. Feel free to comment on my page. I'll comment on yours. Enjoy my writing! =) 

Derek pulled her closer to him. Tighter he held her as they began to fill their carnal need for one another. His hands rubbing all over her; down either side of her face to her shoulders, arms, hips taking in the feel of her smooth, smooth skin; her soft, silk-like skin.  When he reached her back side he grasped it firmly and lifted her so she could wrap her legs around his waist. She did just that sensing his intentions. As they continued to let the fire between one another to slowly ignite, they stumbled, clumsily to his bedroom.

 Next week I will post the continuation, and keep everyone updated with my progress as I move forward. Bare in mind, I am a student with a butt ton of reading every week for English; forget the other classes, my major is going to make sure I am very well read. Let me know what you guys think as the story progresses. This is an intriguing one. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment and I will comment on your six's as well..

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The days are long and nights are hard;
Most of them are spent thinking of you.
We may be strangers with a perfect night but
The days are long and nights are hard.
Not knowing where you are or if you’re okay,
Not knowing what this feeling is,
Not knowing why this feeling is scary,
Each moment spent thinking about you.
The days are long, spent thinking and worrying,
Nights- spent trying to silence the thinking and worrying.
The days are long and nights are hard.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!

HEY!! It's Six Sentence Sunday. I posted to my twitter account, @chrisilly20, I made the blog after I signed up. So, needless to say, this is all new to me. To be brief, my name's Christina; I'm currently a student and all I want to do in life is be a novelist.

The piece I chose this week, is again from my first book that I am currently still editing. Hopefully, this summer it will be on amazon and published. Enjoy the read and feel free to follow me on twitter or on here, my blog. Like I said, I'm still figuring out certain aspects of this. Hope you enjoy!

“Michael are you okay, you’re not talking to me?” Annie finally decided to ask.
      He was unresponsive which meant he was pretty mad. Whenever he was really mad he would clench down on his jaw. His eyebrows would narrow and his fists would clench. Normally he went to the garage to fix the cars, or hit the punching bag, or read his books about law. Something Gabrielle said got to him. He was really angry. He started throwing his books. He had books flying everywhere.

“Michael, what in God’s name are you doing?” Annie said

“What’s the point? I worked so hard for what, how did I not get that scholarship? I don’t have enough saved to pay for Harvard myself. I don’t want their money.” He replied exasperated

Friday, October 5, 2012


My heart is no longer full of joy and happiness.
It no longer beats loud and triumphantly.
Now, it is sad and full of sorrow.
Now, it beats low and is falling to pieces.
With each breath that is drawn,
We ask ourselves:
Why do we feel this way?
But all I think of is- ‘she’.

I'll Keep You Here

Your kiss was soft.
Your touch was sensational.
The presence of you made my mind in-operational.
Your love was sweet.
My heart will always skip a beat.
So here I am,
Standing alone-
Waiting for the pain to drone.
I’ll keep you here,
Close in mind.
Until I find the proper way to say to you
That in every way,
I’m such a fool.

Taunted Thoughts

She saunters through my mind mockingly,
Leaving a giant hole-
A void of nothingness.
She left me here to wander,
Through the void searching,
Searching for her; my other half.
But there’s still nothing….
And my soul weeps.

Come Back

I take out the handcuffs,
You beg for keys.
I take out the blindfold,
You stand before me.
We played this game once,
Just admit you were pleased.
The games we played ended and all you needed was fury
In every way it seemed.
In our sick and twisted world that ended,
We always aimed to please.
Just say you won’t leave me-
And I’ll end all the pleas.


My heart wrenches with pain.
My soul quivers-
All at the mere thought of losing you.
The heavens will cry;
Blood will fall and wash over me-
You are my love,
My life source,
My peace,
Wake me up from this wretched nightmare.