Sunday, July 1, 2018


This is one of my new favorites. It made me laugh. That senseless dream was of dinosuars. I think I was being hunted by a T-Rex.

Just know when you're dead asleep in the night,
Having a senseless dream of a land of make believe
When you wake up with that sharp pain in your stomach,
Pain that let's you know to trust your gut,
Just know it's becuase...

You ate too many cookies.
You don't understand
A way of life that is hard to navigate.
You don't understand
What it means to tip-toe in all aspects.
You don't understand how to navigate the life I've been dealt.
It's easy to talk when you don't suffer the same complications.
It's easy to talk when life hasn't thrown these obstacles at you.
I'll smile and nod along.
I let you talk.
You don't understand what it is to be me.
This poem came about because a friend read my stardust poem and thought I wrote starburst. As a challenge to myself, I wanted to write something pertaining to starburst as a metaphor if you will.

As we walk through life, we come across many kinds of people.
We come across many kinds of cultures.
The beauty, love and traditions are the colors of life,
And the people are the flavors,
Just like starburts,
We're all beautiful and unique
With something special to share with all.

Because of you

I think of the times we would sit by the beach and talk.
I think of the times we would hold one another close.
The shared passion and endless smiles. The joy and love that felt like home. You were a person I never thought I'd find. You were the love of my life and I was done. I was done searching, I was so happy, so content. I felt like the luckiest girl to have the best love of all. But it was all a mirage, a dark twisted lie. You gave your love away like lollipops. You treated my love like  a replaceable battery. I miss you, admittedly and I don't know why. I still can't believe how deeply you've wounded me. How deeply your betrayal has affected me. Because of you I'm afraid to let anyone in. Because of you, I'm afraid to share my thoughts and feelings. Because of you, I no longer trust myself.
I never say the right thing.
Opportunities present themselves and I let them pass.
They pass right by as I stay quiet while I calculate all my possible responses.
I have so much to say.
So much to say to you.
Yet, I don't know how to articulate them.
I just have a knack for saying the wrong thing.
Instead, what I'm fearing is I'm not giving you what you need-
Acknowledgment, honesty, and my opinion.
When will I ever get it right?
I hear all of what you say,
My silence isn't disinterest,
I'm very interested, I care...
More than you'll ever know.
I want you to thrive,
I want you to soar,
I want you to have everything you could ever want.
I want you.
Do you know what it's like to lie awake at night?
Unable to do something that is so natural to us.
Lying in the dark as your mind swirls,
Having a night of self-reflection doesn't bode well for a tired body-
A tired mind.
Worrying over frivoulous matters,
Worrying over things that matter,
Worrying over everything.
Yet, in the same breath, you could care less.
Lack of sleep can do that to you,
Alter you rmind,
Turn it against you,
Making you your own worst enemy.

Sleepless World

Heavy eyes,
Going through each day with forced smiles,
Forced energy.
A sleepless world-
Swirling around a drain,
Going with the motion of the tide,
Fighting the current-
Ending up with even heavier eyes and a maladjusted mind.

You are Light

You have a lightness that surrounds you.
Your very aura emanates positivity, calm and pur sunlight.
Someone who is hard on themselves yet will never admit it.
Someone who cares deeply but doesn't know how to share it.
You're a beautiful soul, through and through.

We are Stardust

We are all made of stardust.
Molded from the universe itself,
Shaped and formed from the same matter of the moon and the stars.
The beauty we see within space is a beauty within us all.
We mustn't ever forget that.
We must listen to nature and appreciate all the beauty that is around.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The eyes I look through are tainted.
Tainted by all the lies and deceit.
Tainted by all the chaos that ensues all around.
Sure, we're all alive
But are any of us truly living?
Bobbing and weaving the muck of agony.
Bobbing and weaving the seas of disappointment,
Hoping not to drown in the despair of what we call life. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Having that internal battle of what you know is best vs what you think you want.
Having those thoughts that bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball.
Questioning the fairness of life,
Questioning all of life's logic,
Questioning the now.
Will things ever work out the way I'd like, just once?
Circling these thoughts and shoving them into a box.
The box of the unknown.
The box of repression.
Forget all the sourness of life.
Powering through and moving forward.
For if I don't-
Then the unpleasant beast will skulk around,
The beast that is fed by over thinking.
The beast that beats down any semblance of self.
Shove the thoughts back in the box.
Lock it up nice and tight.
Now, lay your head down to rest. 
The creative lake in which I dip my feet is empty.
No muse or inspiration,
Life is trying to ground me,
Making room growth,
Trying to recenter oneself and seek peace.
Separation from others is vital,
All creative spark stripped away by burdens of life,
Stressors of life,
Realizing I'm too real for the real world.
People ask for truth, but that's not what they seek,
People want to stroke their ego instead of finding peace.
The air choking me
Water threatening to surface behind my eyes
Anger heating its way up and through my body
Not even a chance a smile will cross this face
It's not jealousy
But a new wave of disbelief.
I'm trying to figure out who's the bigger fool,
Is it you or can it be me?