Sunday, May 29, 2016

There was once a man who loved a woman more than his own life and she loved him just the same. One day a merchant from an unknown village visits their ground and he for selfish reasons fell for her too. Though she did not feel the same, she feared the merchant.

The merchant threatened the one she loved, if she did not swear to be his. She reluctantly agreed, she cried for her love, tearing her soul in two while tearing his apart.

For months they lived without one another. Until, one day they could bare it no more. Thus, began their own love affair. Everyday was a beautiful rejoice, no matter how brief.

Until one unfaithful evening the merchant grew suspicious and followed her. He caught them in an embrace and revealed himself as the evil sorcerer he truly was. In a fit of rage he banished his beloved prize and turned her into the night skies moon. He turned the man he envied into a lone wolf to roam the land.

The evil merchant has finished his business and moved onto the next village. Meanwhile, here, every evening the wolf cries out to the moon. Looking and crying out to his love; shining bright and beautiful in the sky above, never able to touch her again.

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