Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Words of the Maniacal Mind pt2

Words oh words
You dance around in my head
You make me feel like I am lead
Heavier and heavier I become
With these deranged, unkempt thoughts.
Words, they spew from my face.
All in an attempt to have some grace. 
Grace oh grace 
Is what we lack,
Just because I'm a quack. 
Looney, looney in the bin,
Is where you'll  go
If you don't stay quiet from within.
But hear the words I will say
Instead of just saying, oh good day     
Crazy, crazy is what you hear
But being alone is all I fear
My words are screaming for you dear
Won't you listen and help me here 
Words oh words
They dance around in my head       
Sometimes they make me wish I were dead
Words oh words
They spew from my face
All in an attempt to have some grace
Grace oh grace
Is what we lack
What will it take to be part of your pack?
Alone, alone is where I'll be
Crying and trying to find some dignity
Panic, panic sink right in
This is where you'll  fit right in
Worried, worried all the time        
I just want time to fly right by
Frantic, frantic
Make it stop
Tell the mind I've had enough

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