Sunday, January 6, 2013

1/6/13 Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday! Happy New Year, I hope everyone is well!

       This new years was fun for us, my sisters boyfriend, my brother's girlfriend, my friend and I drank wine and then did some shots together. We had a blast cracking jokes while everyone else just looked at us. We called ourselves the fun group, which we were. It wasn't sloppy drinking like most people imagine, first off everyone slept over, no one over drank, and we were all in my house, a safe environment. It was a good time. How was yours?

        Lately, I've been seriously debating transferring schools; but I do not know which one I would go to. They all seem like such fine institutions,  I just know I am not happy with mine and I literally hate it and despise it. To me they get paid to not answer us or be helpful in any sort of way. Then again, that is my fault for going to a community college close to my house. I'll find a good one, hopefully sooner rather than later.

       Also, with the new year comes resolutions. Did anyone make any? I didn't, I stopped. However, I do make time for self reflection and look for ways to better myself as a person. I do this often, everyone knows how they want to be perceived in this world and how they want to be in general, the only to get there, in my opinion, is through self reflection and change. Well, you have to be willing to accept the change or you won't get too far.

     Now onto my six sentence, I hope everyone is eager to learn what's in the safety deposit box? The story in this first chapter is about to rapidly speed up. I hope everyone is on the edges of their seats! I'm excited, who's excited? Here we go:

 She sat up in the bed clearly unhappy. After rubbing her eyes, she began to take in the situation. She looked at the box and began to panic. He was turning the key and opened it, “What are you doing, Marvin?” Panic shrieked in her voice.
“Amelia is seeing shadows. But, in-case it’s more than a shadow I want to be prepared.” He pulled out the black gun and held it in his hand. Then he pulled out the box of bullets and began to load the weapon. His wife’s eyes grew in fear. He swore to her he’d never need it and now he’s loading it in front of her.
        Wish, I could give you more. It gets better. What do you guys think so far? Any idea of what little Amelia may be seeing? Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, anything you'd like. Have a Happy Sunday.

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  1. I don't think a gun is going to help in this situation. Great six!

    1. lol me either, it's his instincts to protect his family. At least, I hope it came across that way. Thank you!