Sunday, November 25, 2012

11/25/12 SIx Sentence Sunday

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday!!

I know I'm late with posting. I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. If anyone went black friday shopping- I hope you weren't trampled or trampling.. lol.. Mine was good; my mom made everyone wait for apple pie, which is great except when she took it out of the oven she drop it all over the floor.. It was really funny only because they all waited to cook it and everyone was sitting there waiting for apple pie and the other pies and she dropped it. This year I did go out for black friday at midnight. I was so excited and it was exhilarating- no I did not purchase a single thing, but it was still fun. Then I worked later on for black friday.

This week's post will be a continuation to the horror book. I started you off with the first paragraph; opening, now I'll continue on for you to read. Who's excited!? I am! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.

The noise happened again, it sounded like rattling in the kitchen. Little Amelia not knowing any better slowly walked towards the kitchen. She stepped in and turned on the light. She saw nothing. There was nothing in the kitchen. She ran through the kitchen with Floppy wrapped in her left arm as she searched the cabinets. She was certain she most definitely heard a noise.

Come back for more next week! Things are only just getting started.. Have a great week everyone !

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  1. I like that you continued it this week. Kids are always so curious even when they are scared. I want to yell, don't go in there! Great six!

    1. Thanks! Kids are astounding with their resilience to things, in life, in general.. lol. Plus, I wanted her to be a creepy, tough little cookie- with Floppy her bunny. haha!